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Spencer Fitz-GibbonCommunications

Campaign design and delivery

We’ve had experience of planning and delivering media campaigns at local, regional and national level.


We can help you plan a comprehensive PR strategy.


We can plan or manage your campaign for you, starting with identifying your target audiences and the best tools from the marketing mix to help you reach them.


We can create and schedule your news releases and social media.


We can manage your press conferences and other media-related events.


We can create campaign videos like this Channel 4 Political Slot, which helped a small political party get its first MP elected, or campaign video news reports, like this one which launched a series of films that helped a local council to recruit more foster carers.


And as your campaign develops we can advise on tactics.


So if you have a campaign to run or you need help with a media launch of your new business, drop us a line: info@SFGcomms.com.

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