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Crisis communications

I can design a strategy to protect and enhance the reputation of your organisation or business.


If you're a local authority looking to improve your emergency communications procedures, I can help make your website the first port of call in times of local emergency, helping you to build public trust and enhance your reputation as the community leader - and give you a proactive emergency comms system that other councils will want to follow.


Whether you’re a charity or a commercial or public sector organisation I can train your press officers in PR issues management and train your spokespersons to handle crisis and emergency situations with clarity and confidence.


I can help you put the necessary procedures in place for PR risk assessment and PR crisis handling, and I can offer sound, experienced advice in an emergency.


Please get in touch, I'd love to help. Call Spencer Fitz-Gibbon on 07498 849479 or email info@sfgcomms.com.

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