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Up-skilling your team for video content creation

If you're a local authority, a charity or campaigning organisation nowadays, you'll need to be making maximum use of video content as part of your multi-media communications operation. And if you don't, you're already behind the curve.


But outsourcing video production can be expensive - and you need to find a way of matching your growing requirement for videos with your strictly limited budget.


Here's how I can help. I can put together a training package to up-skill a part or the whole of your communications team at a bargain price. For a one-off fee that's well within your budget, I can deliver the training you need to be a modern multi-media communications team. I'll even provide you with your own handbooks on video editing, video production planning and filming tips, for future reference.


Just email your requirements to info@SFGcomms.com and you'll soon be sharing your high-quality video content across all your platforms and channels.

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