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If you're setting up a new business, of course you'll need a reasonably simple website like this example, or perhaps a multimedia blog like this one. And if you lack web experience, perhaps you could use some help getting going.


I can help. In a single day we could have your new website or blog up and running. And even if you've never had a website before, you'll be updating and altering it using an easy-to-learn system called a CMS (content management system).


You'll have control of content, layout and navigation. I can help you choose an attractive colour scheme and design an effective logo. And I'll be able to help connect your website with your social media, press and publicity work, so the whole will definitely be greater than the sum of its parts.


Just email your requirements to info@SFGcomms.com and you may find it costs less than you think to get your business or your campaign online and sharing your content across different platforms.


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