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Promotional videos

When we create a video for you we'll be applying experience of scripting short films for TV, like this Channel 4 Political Slot.


We can create showcase videos like this one for a chartered institution, or adverts for your business like this one for a series on local community radio.


We can illustrate your services and campaigns with video news reports like this one made for a local authority for Foster Care Fortnight, or video case studies that help bring your stories to life.


We can integrate your video output with your press and social media to achieve the maximum impact - and we won't charge as much per video as some of our competitors might. So if you'd like to discuss your requirements, please just drop us a line: info@SFGcomms.com.


And if you want to develop your own in-house video production capability, we can provide you with the necessary training to plan, shoot, edit and upload videos at a price that will suit even a tight budget.

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